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What kind of office furniture best suits my needs?

Jan 30, 2017

When working out what the best office furniture is for your circumstances, there are three key considerations you need to have:

When working out what the best office furniture is for your circumstances, there are three key considerations you need to have:

What is going to best reflect your business to visitors and staff?
What is going to work in the space you have?
How do you support the health, safety and wellbeing of your employees?
One has to bear in mind that no one design suits all offices and businesses. A tailored office furniture solution is best. So it’s helpful to have thought through the following things so you can then answer the above questions.  

How to work out what office furniture will best suit your needs
In our experience, you should ask yourself:

What tailored office furniture will support our work flows? - It mustn’t hinder your everyday processes. Who sits at their computer all day? Who holds meetings regularly at their workstation? Who spends their working day on the phone?
What will be robust enough to withstand daily use? - Furniture used constantly by different individuals (eg. hot desking) will need to be tough.
What designs will reflect my business? - Eg. Modern? Traditional? Unusual?
What will help boost the morale of my staff? - It needs to be functional but aesthetically pleasing.
How do I want to segment the office between departments? - Colour coordination is sometimes used to achieve this. However, office screening works effectively too.
What technology does any tailored office furniture need to accommodate? - Think about cabling and IT in particular. Are things changing frequently? Do my IT team need easy access all the time?
Do I need ergonomic office furniture? - You must take the necessary steps to support the health of your staff.
And now, having mentioned ergonomic office furniture, it’s worth dwelling on this a bit further, for it will have a very positive impact on the health and wellbeing of your employees.

Why consider ergonomic office furniture?
The health and wellbeing of your staff is probably the most important deciding factor in what will be the best office furniture solution for you. Happy and healthy employees are critical to the success of a business, and an important aspect of this is providing them with office furniture that makes them comfortable via the right back support, padding and adjustment. The easiest way to achieve this is to have ergonomic office desks and office chairs.

What is ergonomic office furniture?
Office furniture that’s been ergonomically designed caters for individuals’ comfort by protecting their bodies from stress and strain. One of the key elements of ergonomic office furniture is that it’s adjustable in many ways. Repeated actions can, over time, cause strains and injuries. Constant sitting can put stress on the lower back, shoulders and neck. If an individual can adjust the height of their chair, for example, and the angle of their back support, the effects of long bouts of sitting down can be mitigated to a great extent.

A final word…
You may worry this all sounds very expensive, but in reality it isn’t. Many studies have shown that productivity is greatly increased when employees are both healthy and comfortable. There will be fewer sick days taken, and more efficiency in the office each working day. It really is win/win!

So as you’re pondering what the best office furniture is for you, whilst looking at the space you have and the business you’re representing, consider the comfort of your staff too… and you’ll be taking a great leap forward.

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