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Hospitality Furniture For Hotels

Mar 5, 2017

Hospitality furniture is obviously a must-have in a hotel, but getting the balance right in all the communal areas takes planning and thought.

Hospitality furniture is obviously a must-have in a hotel, but getting the balance right in all the communal areas takes planning and thought.

For starters, different public areas perform different functions. And the hospitality furniture chosen matters. A hotel reception needs to set a certain tone and ambiance, as well as offer a flexible mix of functionality. Dining area furniture, on the other hand, is much more focused on a particular task – eating and drinking. Many hotels will then have other, smaller, shared zones that require a mix of hospitality furniture, where space etc. is more of a consideration.

Plus, if one acknowledges that hospitality furniture for hotels isn’t just about functionality and budget, but is also about first impressions and comfort, then the need for careful planning becomes even more apparent.

Factors to consider when choosing hospitality furniture for your hotel
What first impression would you like a customer to have?

Besides the interior decoration, your hospitality furniture will be one of the key things that sets the tone for your venue. A business-like, minimalist, approach might work for a conference centre, whereas a more relaxed informal style might be better for a hide-away in the country.

How will your hospitality furniture be used?

Is your hotel mostly catering for families with young children, or business executives needing a place for meetings? The look of your furniture is one thing, but the robustness and durability of it matters too. If it’s going to get a good kicking, it needs to be able to take it and not show it.

How do you want people to remember their stay?

There are many aspects to a hotel that will affect how a customer remembers their stay, but comfort is definitely one of them. Hospitality furniture can provide comfort in many ways, though. Softness, support, adjustability, and leg room, to name but a few aspects.

But hospitality furniture in hotels often requires a bespoke approach…
Having given you a taster of our thoughts regarding what you need to consider when furnishing your hotel, therefore, you’ll not be surprised that we often find ourselves recommending a bespoke approach.

Every hotel is distinctive. Even within chains. Each building has different spaces to furnish that cater for different things. Ceilings vary in height. Room dimensions differ. Natural light, electrical wiring, sounds, sights, and smells… they are all unique to a space. A bespoke hospitality furniture solution is often the only way to get the best out of the space provided. A custom built reception area will always work more effectively than one built out of a box.

How can CamHam help?
We have a lot of experience of supplying bespoke hospitality furniture. We know how to make the most of a space, we plan carefully, and we manage projects efficiently and cost effectively. If you’d like to discuss your hotel project in more detail with us, we’d be delighted to help. Seriously… we love nothing more than getting our teeth into a new venture! Get in touch today.

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